Kantal as many forms  every sprayer and is own dimension we made it to fit

Stihl sprayer

Solo sprayer

ehco sprayer

Cifarelli sprayer

the models are at the pics in the gallery


Spraying with AirMixAir technology

Our kantals are 3D printed and we can change the size to fit any motorized backpack sprayers that are communally used in different countries this dynamic approch keeps us up to date with all the new and old models of different labels and yes we will be happy to make another kantal to fit your current sprayer

this mouthpiece  changes the Air flow from jet to turbulent and its AirGreen's exclusive invention  called AirMixAir technology  

AirGreen is all about customize a product for a better crop

Simple but Clever

turbulent PVC sleeve

turbulent sleeve is another big size product we make to improve performance in self driven sprayer with air based jets

 We addon our turbulent outlets with PVC fabric to lead the air throw the special geometry that makes the air flow turbulent and moves the leaves from side to side to make the pest control much more efficient     

This pruduct is also coustumized to fit the clients sprayer

But we would be happy to build a driven sprayer from scratch 

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