Our products in spraying are air based and can be plugged to the end of the air pipe on your sprayer

We engineered the product kantal to the brands of stihl ecko and solo sprayers

We have other product for a sprayer that have big sleeves boom that deliver the stream of air flow to the plants and pushes the pesticides material inside the foliage in a way of turbulent flow see picture on the right.   

The big difference is in the air flow that is laminar and we transform it to be turbulent

And there for more efficient to the spreading the pesticide material on the leaves and foliage   

Bay changing the air flow we change the way that our plant moves, and instead of closing his leaves on each other they move from side to side.

Bay using our products the grower/crop manger can gain better coverage and less depreciation 

Saving money and time is AirGreen’s way. 


Our company invested time and resources to check the efficiency of the spraying and we are happy to Say that you (farmer/grower/crop manger) can save working hours and pesticides materials and by doing so save money and maximize you’re earning.

There are 3 different models

1.kantal plugin for stihl backpack sprayer

2.kantal plugin for echo backpack sprayer

3. Kantel plugin for back spray (Universal)

To purchase the products – ebay

In addition to our products we also have tailored made sleeves for the big boom sprayers that use air flow to apply the pesticides materials in to the crop
It makes a turbulent fan of air flow instead of the known laminar air flow

So you can apply better coverage with less material
You can order it by length of your boom and we deliver it after we know what your crop is and bed size
Of course we need to know what brand is the sprayer that the framer is looking to improve so we can adjust the diameter of the air flow sleeves

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