A company for planning and manufacturing agricultural machinery and ventilation systems for a greener future

Spraying with turbulent method

AirGreen Company invented this special newest technology in agriculture spraying.

Implements savings and efficiency in air based spraying and Air Condition systems

The company as variety of products


Dali sprayer is AirGreen’s flag ship and is specially designed to improve spraying in plantation 


The Neander is our 3 point hitch  machine for 100hp tractor

fast hole digger it can change drillers and can digs holes with continuous driving with no stopping can produce 1000 holes per hour   


Our products in spraying are air based and can be plugged to the end of the air pipe on your sprayer for our AC outlets contact us


AirGreen Company as many years of experience in the agriculture engineering,

Energy efficiency, and Spraying.

The knowledge comes from our CEO Professor Gedalyahu

Dali sprayer - very powerful plantation sprayer and fertilizer

Anavran - fast hole digger

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